Winter Research Update

Winter Research Updates

MOBILE Study update: What happens when you discontinue CGM in patients with type 2 diabetes using basal insulin?


In the first part of this study our East LA patients using basal insulin were randomized to use either a blood glucose meter or the Dexcom G6 CGM for 8 months while being managed by their primary care doctor. Patients using the Dexcom CGM improved more than those in the meter group. During the second part of the study half of the participants in the CGM group continued using the Dexcom and the other half returned to monitoring with a meter for an additional six-months.


The results of the second part of the study were reported by time in range numbers (TIR). The CGM group who returned to using a meter, originally improved their mean time in range of between 70 - 180 mg/dl from 38% to 62% and the result of stopping the CGM use, their TIR dropped back down to 50%. The group that stayed on the Dexcom started with a TIR of 44% and increased to 56% at month 8 and continued to improve slightly to 57% in the extension.


The results demonstrate the value of continuing using a CGM in this multi-ethnic population using basal insulin to promote sustained glucose control and could support insurance coverage in this population.


Omnipod 5 In People With Type 2 Diabetes


We completed the trial using the new Omnipod 5, the new tubeless hybrid closed-loop pump system that is expected to be available early in 2022. There are no results to share from the trial yet, but we have become experts in the use of the Omnipod 5 system which should help once it is approved by the FDA. In this trial we used the pump in a group of patients with type 2 diabetes who were either using basal insulin alone or a mix of basal and mealtime insulin. When the pump is finally approved and on the market, it will initially be available for our patients with type 1 diabetes. The clinical trial in that population showed an increase time in range of 2.2 hours between 70 – 180 mg/dl with a reduction in hypoglycemia. This is expected to be the first FDA approved tubeless hybrid closed-loop pump on the market.

​FEEL-T1D or Function and Emotion in Everyday Life with Type 1 Diabetes


Recruitment in this study is being completed and the hard work of analyzing the vast amount of data collected in the study has started. Participants provided insights on their emotional well-being and ability to function with that will be paired with continuous glucose and activity data that is being reviewed to determine the relationship between the individualized measurements on diabetes management and everyday life.


The results will be reviewed to provide basic knowledge about these relationships that may lead to innovative treatment options.


iLet Bi-hormonal Pump


A new study will be started in the Spring to evaluate the potential benefit of adding glucagon to an automated insulin pump system for patients with type 1 diabetes. Hybrid closed-loop systems have shown improved glucose control and are now the new standard of care and the question is whether adding glucagon can improve control even more while easing the burden of managing type 1 diabetes. We will be inviting a couple of participants to start the trial in May and will expand to a larger pool of participants in August.

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MOBILE Study Update: What happens when you discontinue CGM in patients with type 2 diabtes using basal insulin?




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