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“Dr. Peters has kept me alive for 16 years with string, masking tape, and love. I am not alone. I hope those as blessed as I am will help to share Anne with those who aren’t.”

Academy Award winner,
screenwriter, WCD patient

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Led by Dr. Peters, we have had a successful track record in helping to push the boundaries of diabetes care as we increase access to care through community outreach, education, telemedicine and telehealth. People with diabetes live healthier lives because of the advances in research, treatment and education.  Please join our team. Together, we will improve diabetes care and prevention now and set the stage for future breakthroughs by clicking on the Donate button to provide your tax-deductible gift.

For more information contact Valerie Ruelas: 323-361-8416 I

Support for diabetes treatment and prevention is precarious. Funding goes disproportionately to cancer and heart disease. Yet uncontrolled diabetes is a leading cause of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, and early death.


In Los Angeles, people in the poorest parts of town have the highest rates of diabetes, obesity and heart disease, as well as fewer doctors and a life expectancy 12 years less (73 vs. 85 years) than those in the wealthiest parts of L.A. These disparities are largely due to diabetes and its related complications.


As our philanthropic partner, you can help improve diabetes care and prevention now and set the stage for future breakthroughs. No gift is too small.


We are currently seeking support for these priority programs:

• Continued development, testing and dissemination of culturally sensitive, lower-literacy diabetes educational tools

• Innovative pilot projects in the communities of East and South L.A. aimed at reducing rates obesity and diabetes

• Development of a training program for nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician fellows to treat patients with diabetes — vitally important given a growing shortage of expert practitioners

• Research into an artificial pancreas for type 1 diabetes, which has the potential to free patients from the roller-coaster cycle of high and low blood sugar

• Advocacy work to:

1) convince health insurers (including Medicare) to pay for needed diabetes tools and treatments,
2) persuade the FDA to adopt more realistic outcome goals for developing diabetes medications, and
3) meet with Congressional Representatives to influence research and healthcare policy

“We hope that those who can afford it will pay it forward to help us in our efforts to improve outcomes for all.”  

— Anne Peters, MD

Make an on-line donation at:
or write a check to the 

University of Southern California
and in the memo line write: 

Dr. Peters Diabetes Account # GF1017198 

– and send to: 

USC Advancement Gift Services 

1150 South Olive Street, 25th Floor 

Los Angeles, CA 90015

The University’s Federal Tax Identification number is 95-1642394. 

Valerie Ruelas,

Program Director, 323-361-8416

Thank you for your interest and your support.


endows the program and continues

our work indefinitely



trains 5 physician fellows in

diabetes over 10 years



supports our programs for

families and youth for three years



develops and disseminates

our type 1 diabetes tools

Our Funding Goals

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