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Dr. Peters Video and News

Dr. Peters Videos and News​

Some of you have noticed that it is slightly easier to get a telemedicine appointment with Dr. Peters. She is more available to see patients now because she is no longer flying around to attend meetings and delivering lectures.

She is still giving talks, but they are now at virtual meetings, shared webinars and posted videos. The best part about this for our patients is that many of these talks are now publicly available. She has also received a major public service award and has been quoted in newspapers and websites.


Media Mentions & an Award

The disparity of diabetes care is clearly seen across town in East Los Angeles who have reduced access to treatment, medications and technologies. A major focus of Dr. Peters mission is to bring many of the breakthroughs of care to this community and work has been recognized by mutiple groups.

The continuing focus of Dr. Peters to provide diabetes care in underserved was recognized by the Endocrine Society. In honor for her service she was awarded the 2021 Laureate Award for Outstanding Public Service Award.


Dr. Peters shares this passion with Congressional and policy leaders in a special video presentation by The Hill on diabetes technology and the threat of COVID in people with diabetes.


Innovation Forward: Technology and Diabetes Care

Diabetes & the COVID Threat | TheHill

Dr Peters is quoted in an USA Today Article on the health disparities face by diabetes patients on the eastside of Los Angeles compared to the westside.


Diabetes and COVID: Coronavirus highlights America's health problems

Coverage of a talk that Dr. Peters delivered at the ADCES meeting.


More support, services needed to match diabetes technology with underserved populations.


Medscape Peters on Diabetes

The go-to place for videos by Dr. Peters is her Peters on Diabetes series on Medscape. The main audience for these videos is primary care providers, but many of them will also be interesting to patients. The first time you visit the Medscape site, it will ask you to complete a free registration, but it worth the trouble to see the videos. The series is posted on the Medscape Diabetes & Endocrinology section that is also one of the best sources for diabetes news.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Peters has provided a series of updates on the topic in addition to other diabetes news. A new video updates what has been learned about diabetes care since the arrival of COVID-19 has been recorded and will be uploaded soon.


What Is LADA and How Should We Treat It?


'Good News' From the FDA on Dulaglutide, Canagliflozin


Insulin Updates From EASD 2020


Two 'Wonderful Advances' in CGM: The Dexcom G6 Pro and Libre 2


Off to College With #T1D in the COVID Era: How to Prepare


Irl Hirsch Reviews ADA Highlights With Anne Peters


Two "wonderful advances" in CGM: Dr Anne Peters introduces Dexcom G6 Pro and Freestyle Libre 2.


Not Just About Blood Sugar: 'He Died Because He Lost His Job'


Virtual Reality: Diabetes Care During COVID-19 and Beyond


COVID-19 and Diabetes: Patterns Emerge


Diabetes and COVID-19: Three Patient Cases


'Everyone With Diabetes' Must Prepare for COVID-19


Diabetes Technology

Two podcasts featuring Dr. Peters were recently recorded and archived. The first is a conversation on the future of diabetes technology and second is a guest appearance to discuss her experience helping patients who are Looping.

Dr. Anne Peters and Adam Brown discuss what the future of diabetes technology could look like going forward if innovators were brave and creative enough, as well as potential opportunities for organizations like Tidepool to innovate in meaningful ways for our diabetes community.

Future innovation in diabetes technology | Tidepool

Loop and Learn Discussion

Many of our patients are using the Loop system and Dr. Peters meets with the Looping community in a webinar to discuss strategies for success.

Loop and Learn - So Cal Loopers with Dr. Anne Peters 10.18.2020 - YouTube


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There is less diabetes news to report this fall because most of the research dollars and attention is focused on battling...




As the weather gets colder, we are seeing case rate and deaths go up across the country...


Image of Anne's video page


Some of you have noticed that it is slightly easier to get a telemedicine appointment with Dr. Peters...




We are continuing to recruit for two trials on type 1 diabetes that have made a successful transition to remote visits...


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Peters On Diabetes screen
Future innovation in diabetes technology with Dr. Anne Peters and Adam Brown
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